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Youth Theatre Co.

18th January 2018

The Youth Theatre Company are currently in preparation for a joint production with the Manawatu Theatre Society. We will keep you posted with audition and production times.





Goldisnowellahood  2015   Jack and the Beanstalk 2014   Bad Jelly the Witch  2013

Pick a Pack of Pirates by Joy Cowley 2012




What is the Tall Poppies Youth Theatre Company?


Established in 2011 to provide performance opportunities for all students in the community in year 7 or above at the time of audition, the Youth Theatre Company auditions, rehearses and performs to the wider Palmerston North and rural communities.  We perform real plays, to real audiences using real actors and directors.  The Tall Poppies Youth Theatre Company is supported by the Tall Poppies Community Performance Trust.


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